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Water Street Dreams

What's your photography style?
My style/preference is storytelling, outdoor, lifestyle type photography. Just capturing what unfolds as we spend time together. Capturing your emotion. Capturing the moments that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Do you do indoor sessions?
My standard family and senior sessions are outdoors at the location of your choice.I do make some exceptions to this, such as events, etc., but in general, I am for the outdoors.

When should we have our pictures taken?
Perfect lighting is an hour before the sun sets or early morning, just after the sun rises. If possible, let's try to make that happen. If it's not possible because your littles are, well, little, I'm completely flexible. We can chat about what works for both of our schedules. We can always find delightful lighting during the day.

What should I wear?
Once your session is booked I'll send you a detailed "What To Wear" document which will help answer all your questions.

Can I bring a change of clothing?
You're welcome to do so, just keep in mind that time changing clothing takes away from your time being photographed.

Do you take traditional or posed photos?
Because most everyone loves a few posed/traditional images, I do capture those as well as as many candids as we can fit in during our time together. My style and preference is the relaxed, natural, doing-life photographs. I love pictures where some are looking at the camera, some aren't. Kids are laughing, moms and dads are looking at each other. Storytelling photography.

Should we bring items that we love to the photo shoot?
Absolutely. If your child has a favorite toy he always plays with, then bring it. Do you have an old family quilt that we could use? Include things that are part of your story. Maybe you take family walks after supper every night and those walks include the Red Flyer wagon. Bring it. Let's capture life as you do it. Because in 30 years, you're gonna want your child to look at these photos and think back to those daily traditions, complete with the red wagon that has been passed on to his children.

What if it pours rain approaching the time we're scheduled to meet?
No worries. We'll reschedule for a time that's convenient for both of us. I'm flexible and will do all I can to accommodate your scheduling needs.

What if I hate getting pictures taken of myself and never like how I look in pictures?
You're preachin' to the choir and I feel your pain! However, one of my favorite things to do is make someone feel pretty, loving the end product. So with that in mind, I'll help you show your best side, or hide a particular side, including that double-chin or that "little-bit-wider-than-we'd-like" hips and thighs region. I'm extra sensitive to this issue so please trust me on this. I really do want you to see your pictures and say "Oh, I do look really beautiful!" That's the gift I want to give!

I don't live in the Chicago area. Would you be willing to come to my city?
You bet. Contact me and we'll work out the details. I love to travel and am game for anywhere in the world! Sign me up.