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Water Street Dreams

One-On-One Mini Sessions

Let's face it, if you have more than one child
and you actually have the opportunity for one-on-one time 
with one of them, it's downright magical.

Less hurried. More focused. Easy and relaxed.
And we just don't get enough of it
in the busyness of our days.

The love of a parent and a child is simply a beautfiul thing to behold.
What I aim to capture in your one-on-one mini session is the
distinct beautiful love between one parent and one child.

Pretend I'm not there. 

Be together. Play together.
Walk together. Talk together.

You do your thing and I'll do mine!

In decades to come, I want your son/daughter to look back and
see these images and be transported back to 2018,
remembering the deep love and affection you had for him/her.

The smell of your perfume/cologne.
The warmth of your embrace.
That feeling of being tossed in the air, knowing Daddy would catch him.
The gentle way Mommy tucked her hair behind her ears.
The hands that provided security and belonging.

Slowing down to document the story of the unique, special love
 you have for each of your children.

$150 | 15 minutes | Chicagoland location | 30 images

*Discounts available if you book 2 or more one-on-one parent/child sessions*