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Water Street Dreams


Photos that tell stories. I actually can't get enough of them. Ever. They make me wonder. And feel. And dream. And question. Being on my photography journey is simply a dream come true. To think that I get to tell stories with my camera is pure joy!


And if you asked me what else I love, I'd say I love ... 

* my family, friends and Jesus *creating *traveling *helping others 
*change *dreaming *adventures
*traditions *exploring the local
*singing at the top of my lungs in the car *coming alive in nature 

 And just for fun, I asked some of my friends who they think I am...

*she'd choose a jeep over any type of vehicle 
*she’s spontaneous *she's friendly 
*she's a traveler--always on a journey or looking for the next adventure 
*she loves flip flops and has been known to wear them as her winter boots 
*she LOVES the outdoors 
*she does everything fast *she is a friend to everyone 
*she secretly loves 80s heavy metal *she's spirited 
*she's an over-girl 
*she sees life in color *

So there you have it. 
Me in a nutshell!