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Water Street Dreams

Humanitarian Freelance Photographer | Impact Storyteller

I'm an impact storyteller. Just an ordinary gal with a camera in one hand and a pen in the other, releasing stories into the world that need to be told. It’s what I’ve been called to do. With a passion for -- and a belief in -- the power of story, my heart’s desire is to tell relevant stories from the margins. Raw, tender, and hard stories. Hope-filled stories. Stories that inspire others to say yes to joining God in his heart of compassion.

We all live a better, more meaningful story, when we bump up against another's story that might look radically different than our own, often resulting in a paradigm shift. Storytelling has been proven to be an agent of healing. Transformation happens in listening to story. I long to help you craft a healthy narrative around complicated issues in today’s culture and climate, motivating people to take another step toward the margin. I do believe “an image is worth a thousand words” and in conjunction with a few profound phrases, providing context and personalization, I believe the visual and verbal blend is priceless.

I’ve walked an intentional journey with numerous humanitarian/non-profit organizations that are seeking to make a difference in our world, one story at a time. Organizations that want to flip the current narrative surrounding their cause. I've taken a personal interest in their mission, stepping into the stream of important national and global crisis. I believe my ‘love in action’ contribution is sharing stories from the margin.

Your organization is missing out on opportunities by walking past impact stories that have the potential to drive people toward your vision and mission. I'd like to be a part of that solution by photographing and telling your stories. Meaningful and intentional storytelling takes fear out of the 'issue' and draws people into engagement in your mission. Stories of influence compel people to action. There are voices that need a platform to speak. There are unfiltered experiences that need to be spoken into and seen by our world. I'd love the opportunity to tell those stories through the blending of photo and phrases.


[ My heart has been captured by Hamideh, an Iranian single-mother refugee. We met at church and while entering into relationship with her family, doing life with them, I was honored to hear her story unfold over time. Here is a piece I entered into an art exhibit highlighting her journey toward freedom. ]