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Water Street Dreams

"Alysa is an engaging and energetic speaker who shares her stories and spiritual journey with sincerity and a big heart."

Alysa is a story-telling speaker, writer, and photographer who lives in Chicago with her husband and two teens. She has been speaking to mothers and women for 15+ years at various events, Bible studies, and weekend retreats. Alysa finds great joy in authentically sharing personal life experiences woven together with practical Biblical insights, inspiring women to live out their faith in every area of life. As a former MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) coordinator, Alysa is passionate about coming alongside moms, inspiring and encouraging them to live intentionally, with joy, hope, and the freedom to be who God created them to be. Alysa's heartbeat is to live a life on purpose that includes welcoming others into her ordinary days. She is currently writing a book titled The Imperfect Welcome: Finding joy and adventure in Radical Hospitality. 



THE GIFT OF FRIENDSHIP: God designed us for friendship but too often moms do life alone. Lean in as Alysa shares personal stories and practical tips learned with friends she met 20+ years ago at a group for moms. There is a profound gift in authentic friendship, just waiting to be given and received. Be the mom that steps toward other moms, welcoming them into a connection you both need. Friendship; it's a beautiful pathway to the very heart of God!

YOU'RE MORE THAN A MOM!: Many moms lose sight of who they are when their littles are born. Alysa shares her personal journey with postpartum depression, sharing how following her passions and God's wiring, brought joy and hope in the mundane days of mothering. Being a mom is only part of who you are. Walk with Alysa as she guides your group in the process of remembering who God made you to be and what God made you to do.

RAISING CHILDREN WITH A HEART TO SERVE: By God's design, kids are naturally curious. And also by God's design, moms long for their children to be kind, thoughtful, and loving. What if we paired our children's curiosity with our hearts that want to raise others'-focused kids? This talk leaves its listeners inspired by the story of her daughter's tender heart and Alysa's simple desire to respond to her curiosity. God's goodness is shared with the world when we intentionally listen to our kids, letting them lead in service-minded living.

GOD'S HEART FOR THE DISADVANTAGED: Scripture is full of passages urging us to follow God's heart into the margins; into the spaces and places where the widows, orphans, refugees, homeless, and poor are waiting to be shown His love. Let's explore God's Word and His heart for the disadvantaged.

EL ROI: THE GOD WHO SEES: We walk through life differently when we know God's character. This talk deep dives into Hagar's story in Genesis 16, We uncover one of the most beautiful names of God and how this truth can - and should - impact our daily lives. We explore how God finds us, sees and hears us, and allows us to choose how we will respond to Him. 

PRACTICING COMMUNITY: THE JESUS WAY: Let's approach community the way Jesus and the early church believers did. Join me as we walk through New Testament principles on living in community and the importance of being connected to other believers. We conclude with practical tips on practicing community in real life. This session is designed to give us the necessary tools to prioritize community in our busy lives.


Alysa also speaks at special events, retreats, and conferences, customizing and creating content for your specific themes and needs.


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